Thought for the day

Peace is a sense of calmness and confidence. Many people find it difficult to get that sense in their lives. Often, it’s hard when we have so much going on around us. There can be all sorts of things that impact our wellbeing, such as issues with health, money, family and work. We all lead such busy lives, and of course coronavirus appears as a threat all around us. We need a sense of peace in our lives.

Someone once said, ‘Sometimes God calms the storm, sometimes he lets the storm rage and calms his child’. That's the sense of Christian peace that is so important in our lives. It's an internal peace that comes from the soul. We get this sense of deep inner peace by being at peace with God, at peace with others, and at peace with ourselves. It's about knowing that we are living in the right way, knowing that God loves us and is with us, that he will be with us whatever happens.

Jesus knew the importance of this and often took himself away to be quiet to spend time with God. And that is how we find this too. It's good to find space in our busy lives when we can be quiet, when we can slow down, recognise God’s presence with us, know his love for us, and just be in his loving presence. With practice, having a time of peace each and every day, we find peace is with us all the time, even when the storm is raging about us.

May you find that peace each da

Rainbows have been appearing in the windows of people’s houses during this coronavirus isolation. Rainbows are a symbol of hope, a herald of better weather after a rainstorm. It was the schools, knowing closure was coming, who decided to ask their children to paint or draw a rainbow and put it in their windows. Whenever we see a rainbow, we always feel better, the bright colours and the lovely arc in the sky somehow make a smile.

It was after the flood, in the days of Noah, that God put a rainbow in the sky. He did it as a visual sign that he would never again flood the earth and destroy humanity. That's why it’s a symbol of hope.

There is hope now as we see hardly any new cases in China and Italy starting to reduce, there is hope as we know scientists are working on a treatment and vaccine, there is hope because we know the current situation will end, there is hope because communities are looking after each other, there is hope because of the people in our wonderful NHS and there is hope because God is always with us.

So today's message is one of hope and light even in dark times. Let’s brighten others’ outlook and look positively at the good things that are happening, like candles banishing the darkness. Let's see the hope that there certainly is around us.

This Thought for the Day will give us time to pause at the start of the day, time to prepare for the coming day, and try to put what’s happening into some sort of perspective. It’s a time to come together to have a few moments of reflection and also to know that, even though we are all in our homes, there is still a sense that we are united and together.

Whilst I am very aware many people are finding it extremely difficult, also, I can't help feeling uplifted by the selfless, generous, courageous and inspiring work being done by so many. People have looked at where they can help others and are doing so. The list of people caring and supporting is extensive. Let us all continue to say a big thank you to everyone of them at every opportunity; and to show our heartfelt gratitude for all the good that is certainly being done here in Atherton.

From a Christian perspective, it all comes under that little word, love. Love is the real key to Christianity. In a few weeks’ time, at Easter, we’ll once again remember Jesus dying on the cross for us. His sacrifice was for us all. Jesus said he would never leave us. And I believe he's still with us to give us strength to withstand all this virus may throw at us. May each one of you know God’s strength, and may he sustain you through the coming weeks and months.

Have a good day, be positive, be safe, follow the guidelines and love each other.


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