St Michael's Baptisms and Thankgivings

Baptisms and Thanksgivings

Baptism is the making of a commitment to be and raise up your child as a Christian. To become a Christian requires first and foremost responding to God’s love as revealed in Jesus. God’s love was shown in Jesus when he died for our sins (the things that we do and say and think, that hurts God, other people and ourselves), it’s what happens when we live without God in our lives and it separates us from a friendship with God, which means when we die we will not have a hope of Heaven and as we live, we will fail to live the life that we were born to have.

 As Jesus died, he was dying as our substitute, so we don’t have to pay the penalty for our own sin which results in eternal death and a life that does not fulfil the reason we were born. And so, by making a commitment and trusting in God’s rescue for us we start a new life in a new power, because Jesus came back from the dead and defeated even death itself. We move from being prisoners and lost in life, to become truly free to enjoy life in all its fullness in a relationship with God and his people the Church.

 So, to become a Christian is to start by:

1.      Admitting that we have lived without God (sin).

2.      Believing that God has rescued us through Jesus death and resurrection.

3.      Considering the cost of being a follower of Jesus because it won’t always be easy.

4.      Doing something about it: 

·           by making a commitment to God, and a commitment to grow as a Christian.

·           Being part of the People of God by coming to Church every week and getting involved in the life of the community.

·           By discovering God’s purpose for your life.

 If you are already committed to the life of our church, by coming along every Sunday and If you are ready to do the above, you are ready for baptism and the baptism of your children.

 If you are not ready for the above, then we offer an alternative service which is equally special called a thanksgiving service where we have no expectation on you and is a beautiful service of just giving thanks to God for the life of your child.

 It is a serious thing to make promises to God that has implications when we don’t keep them. So please after careful thought consider which service is most appropriate for you and your family.  Thanksgiving if you do not want to be committed to coming to Church weekly (what people are usually after if they want a christening). Baptism if you want to become a follower of Jesus as part of the church community and get involved in the life of the Church.

 Please come along to our service to explore what it is like to be part of the Christian community, God’s world changing people. To Help you with this we have an Exploring Baptism Evening on the second Tuesday of the month at 6pm (except in August) at St Michael's, where we will explain what baptism is and the process involved.

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