Mahangu Crusher

Wonderful News from Etale

I have some great news from Etale, our link parish in Namibia.  As you may know, we have been raising funds for the last couple of years to buy a Mahangu Crusher.  What’s a Mahangu Crusher, you might ask?  It is a machine for crushing Mahangu (a type of millet) to make flour.  Mahangu is about the only crop they can grow in the sandy ground in that part of Namibia.  Since they have very little money to buy food from shops, they grow this and it forms their staple food.  The flour is used to make a type of porridge (oshifema) and also to make a drink (oshikundo). Both are acquired tastes!

In addition to the Mahangu Crusher itself, we also needed funds to erect a building to house it and an electrical supply to operate it.  We were able, through the generosity of many people in Atherton, Hindsford and Howe Bridge, to send the money across in Autumn last year.  I can now report that it has been purchased and is working.  The people of Etale are overjoyed and want to express their gratitude to everyone here.  So Thank You for all you have done to help us achieve this great milestone.

 Not only will this provide a better quality flour for making the porridge it will also, provide employment for 2 people, reinforce the Church as the centre of community, and the profit will be used to help those in need in the community.  This is an example of a really sustainable project that has a number of additional benefits.

Thank you once again.  We will now seek God’s direction to identify what future ways we can serve him and help the people of Etale.                     

Revd Reg